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Richest YouTubers Revealed!

I had NO IDEA they made THAT MUCH!!!!!!!  Seriously, millions of dollars a year just for opening and assembling TOYS???

No WONDER so many people are crowding Youtube!  Moving on:  In honor of ST. PATTY’S DAY, I’ve found a GREAT youtube video HOW TO DO AN IRISH ACCENT!   Cuz on St. Patrick’s Day, EVERYONE’S a bit Irish!  And should SOUND like it!

and finally, I was bombarded by requests for the App I defined as “Pinterest on Steroids” and so I am not only posting it again, but adding another great How To App!  So the first one is called TIPS and you can find it here: and the other one is Instructables which you can find here: and finally, I was just gonna post an Irish Riverdance, but than I found THIS!  It’s Irish Dance, Dubstep style.  These guys are great!  check it out:

Erin Go braugh!  May the road always be at your back and Happy St. Paddy’s Day!