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BEST “Let it Go” YET!

Sick of Frozen “Let it Go” parodies yet?  WAIT!  THIS is one of the BEST!   Brian Hull does DEAD ON classic Disney and Pixar impressions as he sings the song and it’s awesome!  Scar from The Lion King to Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean, in addition to the 20 other Disney and Pixar impressions he does, let’s just say, as a voice person, I am JEALOUS!   check it out:

Is there a voice this guy CAN’T do?

You know that annoyingly Happy song by Pharrell, “Happy”?  Even STAR WARS Characters wanna get “Happy”! Here’s them Dancing to it!

Can you say “Geeko Happy”?  Guess Mac and I (and over 6  million others) aren’t the ONLY Game of Throner’s!)  Apparently Madonna is really into it and dressed up as Khaleesi for the Jewish Holiday Purim !  Here’s the article and pics.  Sorry, madonna.  Ya ain’t no KHALEESI!