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Explain Like I’m Five…

I KNOW being in an earthquake is serious stuff (I’m from L.A.  I’ve been in a few myself!)  But I can’t help myself!  I find the news anchors reaction hilarious!  OMG!   This went viral in less than 24 hours:

Well, at least they knew what to do!  (And no one was seriously injured!)

If Women’s Roles in Ad’s were Played By Men (A little ROLE REVERSAL here:)

Watch til’ the END!  Do YOU agree?

By now, if you are a habitual Cornbread Show Breadhead, you’ve heard me mention Reddit during my Tabasco Files.  Today I wanna share a SubReddit forum that I think we can all relate too and get something out of.  I read it every day, and DARN if it feels like I’ve wanted these questions answered, but felt too foolish to ask!  It’s called “Explain Like I’m Five….”.  Some of the questions:  “What is the difference between a small black and a large block engine?” and completely different:  “How was it decided that at age 18, was adulthood”?  Here’s one answer (out of hundreds!) from the latter question:  “In the Middle Ages 21 was considered the age of adulthood because that’s when young men were capable of wearing a full suit of armor. 21 stuck until the 20th century. The need for soldiers for WWII, Korea, and Vietnam wars saw 18 years olds drafted and an outcry that they could serve their country but not vote. This led to passage of the 26th amendment lowering the voting age from 21 to 18 in 1971.”.