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Charlie Brown & Snoopy 2015 3D Movie Trailer

YAY!!!!!!  They’re BAAACCCKKKK!!!!!!!  Charlie Brown, Snoopy and the gang are making their BIG MOVIE Debut and it’s gonna be in 3D, CGI Animated!  2015!  here’s the trailer just released:

You’re welcome for the ear worm, by the way! #peanutsmovie

Did you know??  THIS is awesome!  From NASA!When the space shuttle Challenger exploded on Jan. 28, 1986, it shook the space exploration industry to its core. Ever since the space shuttle Challenger shocked the world when it exploded in flight on January 28, 1986, two Dallas, Texas, families have sent roses to NASA’s mission control in Houston every time an astronaut is about to head into space.  Today,  another bouquet arrived. The families always include a rose of a similar color for each astronaut about to take off, as well as a single white rose in remembrance of everyone who has died in the name of space exploration.  Check it out:

Would you consider eSports a “sport”?  Well, many would!   I play Clash of Clans, my son, Leo is a HUGE League of Legends and Doda player.  What are eSports?  Take a look at this link:

According to the above article at, :League of Legends is the king of the hot trend in videogame play as a spectator sport, complete with sold-out stadiums and fans camping all night for tickets to matches.”  This is big stuff, beyond the “gamification” of Candy Crush and the outdated Farmville!  The guy who won is seen as a “rockstar” and gets asked for autographs and pics!  He even quit engineering in favor of making a living (a nice one at that) at Gaming and being an eSport Athlete!