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Harlem Elvis Lives Inspired In 84,600 Seconds

Imagine what you could do, every day, with 84,600 seconds…would this make you look at every day..different?

Watch til’ the end! Talk about inspiration!  And only if we HAD 84,600 dollars per day!  We might know more about the SECRETS of the actual dollar bill!  I learned a LOT, and I’m passing it on to you:

Josh Hutcherson (Peeta, from The Hunger Games) has advice on what he would say to his “younger self”. What would YOU tell your younger self?  Would it go something like this:

One of the things I would say:  “Don’t care so much what everyone thinks.  Dance as if no one is watching…in all your aspects of life!  Unless…you’re dancing naked.  In public. That, you might wanna keep at home 😉