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That’s ONE WAY to get a splinter removed!

Little girl has to get a splinter removed!  So, what to do to take your mind off such a horrific event?  SING, Darnit, SING!  “Do you wanna build a Snowman”?  Sounds like the PERFECT Song, yes?  Check it out!

What do YOU do to take your mind off of pain? Next up:  McFly star Tom Fletcher and his wife Giovanna have celebrated their new baby’s arrival with a time-lapse video of the pregnancy and song called ‘Something New’.The video marks the couple’s nine-month journey from Giovanna’s bump, to the birth of their baby boy, Buzz Michelangelo Fletcher, on March 13. Have a look:

sweetness! So now time for some DARKness.  You might’ve heard about The Dark Web.  Also known as Invisible web and Dark Net.  Here’s the deal.  96% of the internet is actually beyond search engines like Google and Bing.  SO what, exactly, IS that 96% and How can you reach it?  Well, before you attempt to (I’ve stumbled upon it many times) here are some disturbing facts about The Dark Net you might wanna read first!  Including, for example, Credit Card Frauders hide on the Deep Net, and yet a Security Blogger was targeted because he was trying to expose the FRAUD!  They sent a gram of heroin and then a swat team to his home!!!!!!!  So be wary if you go looking for “The Dark Net”!  It might just land you in some deep doo doo!   The Deep Net can be accessed through the Tor Website, and interestingly enough, 80% of the government and security government pays for this site.  So they REALLY watch all you do!  Check it out:

Ever go dark surfing?  😉

And lastly,

CALLING ALL SELFIE FANATICS _ These days, anyone can take a poorly lit self-photograph and stick it on their Facebook, but how many people have the style chutzpah to rock shirts emblazoned with their mug? One Canadian company is making selfie fashion a thing. You can now have your face — or the face of anyone else you love/hate for that matter — printed onto a tee, tank or sweatshirt for $94. Just upload your selfie to the Shelfies website and in 20 to 25 days your apparel will be on your body. | site link