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Girls Don’t Poop!

You know those annoying online ads that you HAVE to watch for at least the first few seconds before you can “skip” to get to what you REALLY wanna see?  Well, this is one ad that actually MADE me want to sit through the entire 30 seconds!  HILARIOUS

Even FUNNIER are the BLOOPERS (or perhaps we should call them POOPERS) from the filming of the commercial!  MORE HILARITY OF BATHROOM HUMOR!

What was YOUR favorite childhood candy/treat?  Would it still taste the same if you ate it as an adult?  What happens to our taste buds as we grow up?  See if you recognize some of your fav candies and how THESE adults react to eating them again?

Personally, it made me want to go and buy MY favorite!  Fun Dips!  Candy AND you get to eat the utensils!  What a GREAT invention!  New online show that I think could be a hit:  Pophangover’s “Not My Best Day” chronicles the awkward encounters and mishaps of one bonafide hot mess. By editor Georgie Guinane.  Here’s episode 1:

will you watch it?