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Now, the Flip Side !

Are you Right or Left Brained?  This is a pretty accurate quick test to find out!  What was your answer?

Yesterday’s #tabascofiles we had a video from British folks responding to our favorite American Snack foods.   So today, here are Americans responding to British fav snacks!

What makes a great marriage?  SoulPancake is back with a very interesting take on the science of love and marriage:  “Never compare your marriage to someone elses” is one of the best lines!  Check it out:

and another great one:  What would you say to your 10 yr old self?  A little desk was set up for people could write to their 10 yr old selves.  These are so cute!  Check it out:

Ed Bassmaster is BACK with Mr. Mumbles and he’s lost in the hood!