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Confessions of a Vegas Pit Boss #tabascofiles

Thanks to Reddit’s IAmA sub cat, you can learn from a Casino Pit Boss all that he’s seen and heard!  Here’s the link and a sample question that was interesting

IAmA Casino Pit Boss with years of experience in Table Games and Casino Ops and would love to answer questions you may have about the business!

Q: What’s the best way to score some comps?

Pitboss: Play for a long time and/or have a strong average bet. Buying in for large amounts and then not playing won’t get you comps. Alternatively, be a fun person and the supervisor will probably hook you up because we appreciate the fun (not drunk) people.

Can  you imagine collecting 30 years of mobile phones?  What would you DO with all those old phones?  How about, make an orchestra:

I mentioned a tending up App a few weeks ago on #tabascofiles, and, it being free, I had to download it and try it out!  Well, it’s the hot FREE App and people are HOOKED!  But, is there a science behind it?  “According to University of California, Santa Barbara neurologist and adjunct faculty member, succeeding at games like 2048 can raise your dopamine levels! Basically, winning at 2048 will put you on top of the world. And anyone who’s actually gotten that “2048” tile on their card can attest to that” 2048 directly affects two different “dopamine boosters.” It allows your brain to try and predict your way to success and endless possibilities, and the game itself, while difficult, isn’t exactly an impossible challenge. You’ll be relaxed enough to enjoy it, but even if you fail, you’ll still want to carry on.“Instead of being stressed out, the brain is so comfortable that it doesn’t want to quit”.  The entire article is here:

In a world where just about every picture you see seems to be photoshopped, there lives an incredibly talented artist who creates fantasy worlds in her photography studio without any photoshop help.  This one is one of my favorites, but if you wanna see them all, check them all out here:

artist 2