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Planet of the Apes Wedding Theme? and MORE #tabascofiles here:

Waiting in line trying to buy Disneyland tickets, I noticed a dad keeping his kids occupied with a very cool game App!  I downloaded it immediately, cuz I HAD to have it (and it’s FREE!)   Remember the game Charades?  Well, now you can play it on your phone and all you need is a forehead and a good wrist to flip!  There is another version that is one of the top paid apps (and it is only .99 cents called “Heads Up”, but I prefer FREE)  Here ya go and happy flipping!

How’s THIS for a themed wedding!  LOVE actress Judy Greer and she’s talking her strange “Planet of the Apes” themed wedding she had!  lol!  But you are gonna love her Boob flashing talk!  FUNNY!  Would you be okay with your hubby getting some boob watching in?

The world’s first reusable rocket F9R had it’s first flight test and it’s incredible to watch (and is gaining viral steam worldwide!)  A Hot Rocket for today’s #Tabascofiles

The Final Season of True Blood and here’s the teaser just released yesterday!  #trueblood love!

Are you excited?