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College Athletes Lip-Sync Frozen and are HILARIOUS!

Matt Kilby and Brad Borosak play college baseball for the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md.  AND They LOVE FROZEN!  Especially the song “Love is an Open Door”!   It all began on April 9 with an Instagram post from MATT WHO  joked that he, Brad, and teammate Travis Blue had a big crush on Elsa, the animated star of Disney’s “Frozen.” Kilby tagged the picture with “#brozen.”   It steamrolled to lead up to another GREAT Frozen Viral Video!  Check it out here:

Nice Try NYPD!   NYPD decided to try getting a better image by having a twitter photo contest.  What they DIDN’T bargain for, was that it just might back fire on them as this article from The Verge explains:

According to the Verge: “The New York Police Department attempted to harness Twitter to drum up support today, but things haven’t exactly gone as planned. Earlier today, the official NYPD Twitter account asked followers to tweet photos of themselves with NYC police officers under the hashtag #myNYPD — but so far, many users have jumped on that hashtag to flood it with images of police aggressively apprehending apparent suspects. So far, these are hardly the friendly images the NYPD was hoping for.”  Do you think it’s a good idea for any public or government office to tweet and instagram to make themselves appear better or more “connected”?

And speaking of twitter:  After several weeks testing, witter has  olled out the new look to all users. The overhaul has made Twitter’s profiles much more visual and akin to what you’d expect to see on Facebook or Google+.  You’ll notice its’ changes right away, and I’m thinking this is because twitter has seen a drop in users actually USING twitter in exchange for Snapchat and Instagram among others.  Do you still tweet? Here’s the link: