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Could THESE be THE PERFECT Jeans? Would YOU buy them?

Could THESE be the PERFECT pair of jeans?  The “Anti Thigh Gap Jeans” are jeans that you can MOVE IN!  I’m not much of a body builder or athlete, but I LOVE the way jeans LOOK, but HATE the way the FEEL !  (SO STIFF!) So I WILL DEFINITELY be trying THESE jeans on for size!  will you?

Not a surprise to me when Cornbread revealed the most popular show on Netflix is “Orange is the New Black”!  I was hooked from the first episode and can not WAIT to find out what happens with Piper and Crazy Eyes and all my favs!  SOOOO, when I saw this tease, it just made me even more excited!  And as EW says, if the tease below isn’t enough….it’s only a few weeks until June 6th!  check it out at this link:

Ellen had on the FUNNIEST of funnies of Southwest Flight Attendants!  They broke the mold when it came to flying and funny flight attendants and as far as I know, they’re still the only airline allowing their flight attendants to have a little FUN WITH THOSE announcements!  This is one video you’ll want to share!

and an extra #tabascofiles for #throwbackthursday!  What Boy Band from the early 2000’s did a Burger King commercial for unlimited Whoppers?  See if you guessed right!

happy Day!