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Cardinals on House of Cards! Wacha, Miller, Waino..Hilarious!

Adam Wainwright, Shelby Miller and Michael Wacha break down Kevin Spacey’s pitching from the Netflix drama House of Cards.

Maybe Kevin Spacey should do a Cardinals Baseball Camp!  happy #tabscofiles HUMP DAY!

Have ya ever heard of the artist Denny Dent?  If not, you SHOULD!  He’s incredible!  BUT, this has to be my favorite art/performance I’ve ever seen from this genius! From   “”With three brushes in each hand, Denny paints portraits on six-foot canvasses in the time it takes to play a few carefully selected pieces of music. Whether painting Jimmy Hendrix, General Colin Powell, Jack Nicklaus or Martin Luther King, Jr., the power and integrity is always the same. Audiences, ranging in size from hundreds to hundreds of thousands, have been witnesses to a performance that is an exciting blend of art, dance, and music. The artist himself refers to his work as “a passionate dance on canvas” and those who have seen his creations are compelled to agree.” – Verbiage copied from  BUT, what happens when things “SEEM” to go wrong?  Watch from the very beginning and you will see a master who is not afraid to make mistakes, takes risks, and then takes his art (and the audience) to another level!  Check it out here:

Were you surprised?  Now,

Ever wonder how someone like Miley Cyrus would live?  A “friend” (and I use the term loosely!) posted an instagram video of her (a bit strange) home!  here’s the Yahoo Link:

If you could have ANY backyard you Wanted, what would IT have?  I’d have a pool with a HUGE spiral slide coming out of a waterfall, a bar that had a robot bartender that could fix drinks better than any mixologist I know, and a hidden Hobbit Hole where I could hideaway and chill out!