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SWEETEST Senior takes Great Grandma to Prom! AWWWW

Saw this on Yahoo and HAD to share this Feel good #tabascofiles story for a Friday! “Austin Dennison of Rockford, Ohio, took his great-grandmother Delores, 89, to his senior prom — and video of the two slow-dancing while other students get wild in the background speaks volumes about their relationship.

Delores spoke to the Times Bulletin about her night out with her great-grandson. She explained that she warned Austin that she isn’t too good on her feet these days (she’s survived a heart attack and a stroke). She also wondered if he’d rather take a girl from his class. But Austin wouldn’t relent.

The two went out to a predance dinner at their local Bob Evans (a favorite restaurant of Delores’, the Times Bulletin reports), and then hit up the high school for fun and dancing. (original link Yahoo: )  Check out the Video here:

Always a mystery that scientists may have finally discovered the actual answer to:  HOW did those pyramids in Egypt get built?: A team of physicists discovered one trick ancient Egyptians may have used to move the stones on sledges across the sand: water. when moving the sledges, Egyptians probably wet the sand in front of them to make it moist and, consequently, stiffer. According to their research, the wet, stiffer sand halved the required pulling force to move heavy stones and statues in comparison to dry sand. Here is the entire Mashable Link to the story:

and what to do if you’re a shirtless man and your neighborhood is being evacuted and burning all around you, and a reporter asks you what you’re doing?  Why, you ASK HER OUT!  Man’s got his priorities:

Beyonce’s Time magazine top 100 released last week is coming under fire: