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Cute Kid Notes! HILARIOUS!

CUTE KID NOTES:  Huffington Post does it.  Funny or Die does it.  But I think Pinterest does it the best!  Sharing Cute Kid Notes!  #Tabascofiles cutest kid notes!  Do YOU have any?  Share!  And here’s the link, if you Pinterest like I Pinterest, let’s follow each other!  Here’s one of my FAVORITE Cute Kid Notes:

cute kid notes

Unwritten (but should be written) Facebook Rules!  IMPORTANT!  For example:  “Take all the Selfie’s you want, just don’t post every single one…on a continual FEED”  and  “Too much FB PDA is annoying!  Yes.  It’s cute, to see a sweet couple every now and then say how in love they are.  But, keep it to a minimum!  Follow these or don’t be surprised if you get BLOCKED!  What are YOUR Facebook RULES?  Here’s the link thanks to Buzzfeed!

What does it take to be a REAL Youtube star?  And I’m not talking just one viral video, I’m talking a youtuber who has a loyal and LARGE subscriber base.  Her name is Bethany Mota.  And the biggest reason she is such a big Youtube star is very similar to why Taylor Swift is such a big Country Star!  She does a LOT of interaction and meet and greets with her fans!  Check out who Bethany is here:

and WHAT is Brandcast? Well, bascially it’s a way for Youtube get advertising dollars!  The 3rd Annual Brandcast presentation for advertisers was held last week at The Madison Square Garden Theater. The presentation, meant to lure advertising dollars, featured YouTube executives pitching a new initiative called Google Preferred, as well as some performances from the likes of Pharrell (happy, happy, happy!).  YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki kicked off the presentation with what she’s learned in her first three months on the job.and described the site as the modern encyclopedia. She said:  “If people want to learn about the world today … they should look it up on YouTube,” .  I know I am an ongoing student of Youtube University!  YouTube also announced the launch of a channel from DreamWorks Animation. The family-oriented channel, called DreamWorks TV, will debut later this summer with original live-action and animated content from the film studio.