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A+ grade from the 2nd Row – Alto Section

In honor of #TeacherAppreciationWeek, I want to share who my favorite teacher was and why.  Her name was Ms. Chamberlain.  Ms. Not Mrs. or Miss.  She only wanted to be called “Ms.”   She never married nor had kids.  Her kids were her students.  Her students, were her choir.

Ms. Chamberlain, was a choir teacher.  For a geeky, curly haired shy red haired teen as was I, she was scary!  At first….but by the time I was a senior in High school, and she’d been my teacher for 3 years, I realized her tough demeanor and her strict rules were only because she had such a passion for music and she wanted to make sure each and every one of her students understood the respect that music deserved.

Teachers don’t make a lot of money, as we all know.  Choir teachers make even less.  So to be a choir teacher means to give up luxuries, some times settling on just the basic necessities!  But, to Ms. Chamberlain, music WAS  a necessity!  She was not a patient teacher.  She was not a “warm, fuzzy” teacher.  She was tough.  Strict.  Ruthless in grading and expected every note you sang was completely on tune or she would embarrass you and make you sing it alone in front of the entire class, by yourself. Ahh…, but what I LEARNED and how I grew because of Ms. Chamberlain and her love for music!

I learned to find my voice..figuratively and literally.  She told me I could’ve sung Alto or 2nd Soprano but convinced me to sing in the Alto section because I could learn to harmonize more!  And she was right.  AND, this shy, geeky red haired teen (me) was coaxed out of her shell by an awesome teacher and by my Senior Year, I was one of the leads in the Musical!  And…I went into acting and the rest is history!

So to Ms. Chamberlain, my favorite teacher, THANK YOU!  You have no idea, how much you changed my life!


That funny, nerdy, geeky red haired girl you knew as “2nd from the front row – Alto section”