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World’s Worst Birthday Party Entertainers…


…played by:  Katy Perry?  Okay, so I now have more respect for Katy Perry’s talent!  The girl can ACT!  In an unprecedented move to make sure everyone will see her upcoming music video, Katy has released a  teaser clip for her forthcoming “Birthday” video. Filmed documentary style, it features interviews with “The World’s Worst Birthday Party Entertainers,” who are all depicted by an unrecognizable Perry thanks to some blockbuster movie-worthy makeup. KP plays an elderly woman who inspired “The Lady Is A Tramp,” a Jewish comedian, a drunken clown and other washed up party hacks.  She’s pretty good!  What do YOU think?  Does she have acting chops?

If I Knew Me Then:

In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week,  SoulPancake and Edutopia asked teachers to write a letter to themselves on their first day teaching.  Great Video!  One of my favorites from a teacher who writes to themselves:  “Those kids in front of you…they WANT to learn.  Try everything possible”

I highly recommend subscribing to youtube channel.   These group of entertainers are very talented and each week they come up with a short original musical bit.  This one I HAD to share to all our Baseball Fans!  (and if you’re a “Bronie”, like mac and Cb, check out their Bronies, the Musical song.  HILARIOUS!

And should you be told how many people can come to YOUR place for a gathering?  In Virginia, such a proposal is on the table!

For some reason, I have a feeling Cornbread and Mac will have a field day with my #tabascofiles for today!  lol!  Have a GREAT Day