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Money growing on trees, How to WIN at board games AND How to Stop your pet from doing THIS!

IF you’re competitive and you love playing board games (which are making a huge comeback!) you are gonna love this video from Buzzfeed on how to WIN at the top 5 classic board games here:

Ever wonder what your dog does when you’re at work?  Ever feel guilty that he’s bored?  A kickstarter campaign is underway for CleverPet, the Game that engages your pet when you’re not home!  It’s like that old light up game “Simon” but they get a treat!  And it just might help save your shoes that Fido might otherwise be gnawing on out of boredom!  Check out CleverPet featured on Buzza60:

Have you heard of the Shaytards?  They’re a youtube family worth subscribing and watching!  They’ve been featured on Ellen and they are a young family with five young kids and a family with ups and downs and we can ALL relate!  Meet…the Shaytards:

Would YOU miss money growing from trees?  These people did!  A prank demonstrates how most people are so engrossed in their smartphones they don’t see anything else around them, not even money dangling right above their heads!  Buzz60 had this video on youtube:

perhaps we should GET OFF OUR PHONES!  You may have heard CB bring up The Beastie Boys on several occasions.  A band, who at a young age, made a big influence on CB!  This #tabascofiles is for him:  Saturday was the third annual MCA Day in New York City, a day of remembrance for the most enlightened Beastie Boy, Adam Yauch, who succumbed to a three-year battle with cancer on May 4, 2012, at the age of 47. A group of Tibetan monks decided to honor Yauch, who over the last couple decades may have done more than any other celebrity to put Tibet’s liberation struggle into the consciousness of twentysomethings, by breakdancing in Union Square.  Check out the Tibetan monks kicking it Old School: