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Nothing says “cuter” better than 3 yr olds doing Judo!

Monday Blahs?  Yeah, we got em’ too!  #tabascofiles is here to save the day with the Cutest Monday Video to make you smile!  It’s a couple of 3 yr olds at a Judo Competition:

Made ya smile, didn’t we?  Have ya ever fought over a parking space?  Well, of course, now there’s an APP for that!  MonkeyParking, which started in Rome and recently made its U.S. debut in San Francisco, lets drivers auction off their curbside parking spots to the highest bidder and earn as much as $150 a month, according to the app makers. “MonkeyParking is the first app which lets you make money every time that you are about to leave your on-street parking spot.  Download the free app.   Get notified about drivers willing to pay for the spot ( says it’ll pay $10!).   Leave the spot letting the driver park at your place.  Find the money in your bank account!
You can use MonkeyParking when you really need a parking spot: just broadcast your price. It’s like “Hey I would pay somebody $5 to leave me the parking spot he is currently using!”  Would YOU pay for a primo parking spot?  What about at a Cards Game?  A big event downtown?  Will it ever fly in St. Louis?  Take a look and YOU decide:

This dad is pretty impressive!  A Detroit Tigers fan catches a foul ball WHILE holding his daughter!  Thanks for pointing this one out!

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