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Facebook Rolling out ANOTHER change and you have NO choice!

Forget “Poking”, Facebook is rolling out a new way to find out if someone what their relationship status is (right now a person can keep that private) then they can ask that person out on a date! Hmmm….don’t a lot of cheaters hide their facebook relationship Status’ in order to….Cheat? #tabascofiles is ON:

BuzzFeed Style has declared this Jorts Week, a time to celebrate the approach of summer by letting your legs hang out in style. 18 Animals Who Are Celebrating Jorts Week. You’ll find all jorts-related content here:

El Nino is back! According to weather scientists, The Midwest could see a cooler than usual—  or warmer than usual —summer depending on when the weather event hits, reports CBS Chicago:

According to the National Weather Service, the region has an “enhanced chance” for below normal temperatures from June through August. An El Nino episode is developing in the tropical Pacific, and this tends to favor cooler conditions in the summer here. Timing is the key: If El Nino conditions set up soon, then cooler temperatures are possible. However, if it arrives later there is an equal chance of warmer than average temperatures as well.