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An Unlikely Friendship! I dare you not to smile after watching!

This week Animal Place shared the story of one heartbroken little goat named Mr. G who had seemingly given up on life when his rescuers realized the problem was that he was overcome with grief over the loss of his best friend, a burro named Jellybean. The two had lived together for years but were split up and taken in by two different sanctuaries after being confiscated from a neglectful situation.  The video below proves, in my opinion, that animals, do indeed feel emotions like us humans.  It is a beautiful story!  And worthy of today’s #tabscofiles mention!  Check it out:

And you can read the whole story here:

One of the Biggest Youtube Beauty bloggers, and one of my favorites, is Kandee Johnson.  She is a genius at makeup and here is her tutorial for recreating Angelina Jolie’s look as Malificent!  Might this be the costume of Halloween 2014?  If it is, you’ll be ready with the look by watching this:

Apple is planning to introduce a smart home concept at its upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference. The system will allow users to control their lights, appliances and security systems with their iPhones.  Do you think this could be dangerous?  What if you lose your phone.  Then some creepo finds it and gets into your house and the rest is history!  And talk about a guy who knows how to plan!

LIP SYNC PROPOSAL VIDEO SHOT IN 26 COUNTRIES OVER 4 YEARS :  A Recent University of Montana graduate Jack Hyer proposed to his long-time girlfriend using a video — that took 4 years to make. In the video Hyer explains he knew he was going to marry his girlfriend after their first date and began taking short video snippets of him lip syncing to The Proclaimers I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) wherever he traveled — and he traveled quite a bit… 26 countries. His girlfriend finally saw the video — which she thought was going to be a “graduation slideshow” — the night of their college graduation.  Here’s the video:

But did she say yes?