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Incredible Moments In a Soldiers Life

Although youtube Nation put together this video for Memorial Day, I think it should be viewed no matter what day it is.  In all actuality, Memorial Day is to remember those brave men and women in our armed forces who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.  This is a homage to the every day life of a soldier.  And not just American!  Australian and Canadian as well! check it out:

Although the commentators are a bit annoying to me, the compilation is worth their little annoying interruptions and well put together.  Thoughts?

US Airways wouldn’t allow musicians to bring their violins on board.  So they filed a complaint in a very musical fashion.  They played their instruments right there on the tarmack.

“Bach would be very upset”  lol  Yes.  They WERE allowed to fly with their violins after all!

And is this the WORSE Celebrity First Pitch EVER?  50 Cent should stick to rapping me thinks!  Check it out:

Ya ever wonder if a viral video is real?  There’s a Site for That!  Thanks to Buzzfeed!  Here ya go:

Have a great day!

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