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Taylor Thinks She Knows What’s Best #tabascofiles Tells all

Why does Taylor think she knows what’s best for her bestie, Selena Gomez?  well, apparently she hates Gomez’ ex “The Biebs” so much, she’ll do anything to get her BFF away from him!  Here’s the buzz:

Have you ever “butted in” on a BFF and her on again/off again guy cuz YOU KNOW what’s best for her?

SoulPancake is back!  What don’t you do that you should be doing?  We all have things we don’t do that we wish we did. In collaboration with, we hit the streets to ask passerby’s what the one thing they wish they did is. // You can do one small thing to help give back today! Text WORN to 38383 to recycle unwanted clothes at H&M.   Here’s what passerby’s had to say:

How about doing it right now!  Pick ONE THING and do it TODAY!  WHAT are YOU going to be doing today that this post made you actually do it? SHARE!

Selfies is sooo yesterday!

Huffington post:  “Forget selfies and throwback pics, there’s a new photo trend sweeping the web: topless travel photos. The trend was started by travelers Olivia Edginton, Lydia Buckler, and Ingvild Marstein Olsen. Their “Topless Tour Project” encourages fellow travelers to feel free and share their beauty with the world, according to their Facebook page.Before you become completely scandalized, the photos are tamer than you might think. The topless snaps capture travelers’ backs, focusing more on the act of baring your body in a beautiful setting.  And also on Huffington….

What is THE haircut of the summer for the ladies?  Jen Anniston is just one of many celebrities sporting the “LOB” (longer version of the BOB and a bit scraggly as well!)  Check out the pics:

Happy #tabascofiles Monday!