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How To Get Rid of Mosquitos!

I never realized that there was something that could be done to get rid of the mosquito’s around my yard!  I am one of those people that happens to be type O Positive blood .  Which also happens to be not just the largest of the blood type in our population, but is also the blood type that gets the most Mosquito bites!  AND being a natural redhead, my odds apparently double for those blood suckers to cover me!  BUT I had no idea that something could be done about it!  Blue Chip Pest Services (3 generations local, btw) has been treating my home inside and out for spiders and ants and all those yucky creepy crawlers.  They’ve been amazing and I love that since all their technicians go through background checks, I can feel comfortable with them coming to my home!  WELL, I had them back a couple weeks ago to take care of mosquitos that was making my life miserable!  I couldn’t even hang out on my little back patio and I was a hostage indoors!  NOT ONE BITE since Blue Chip Pest Services came out and I am soooooooo excited to PARTY and have people over for BBQ’s this summer!  Thanks to this guy right here and Blue Chip!  Here’s the link:

And Here’s one of Blue Chip’s local tech’s, talking about what they do: