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What does Jason Aldean, Lance Lynn & Springsteen all have in common?

They are all Little League Alumni.  The reason I bring this up, is Little League is celebrating their 75th Anniversary.    Although I did not grow up here, after living here for almost 10 years and becoming a complete Cardinals Fan, I realize the importance baseball has in so many of our WIL listeners.  It’s not just a sport, is a culture.  For Cardinal Nation, it is pride.  It is history.   It is Stan The Man!  Kevin Costner (also a Little League alumni) put the true meaning of emotion of the sport perfectly in one of the best baseball movies of all time:  “Field of Dreams”.  If you build it, they will come.  In 1939 Carl Stotz had a dream to “build it”.  And they came.  75 years later, they continue to come.  Here is some really interesting facts about The Little League at this link:

Now, as many WIL-ers know, having listened to The Cornbread Show, I am not the up to date on baseball facts or history.   But I DO understand the emotions of baseball as not just An American Institution, but as a little girl growing up.  Watching my dad root for his ever losing Los Angeles Angels.  No.  He was never much of a Dodgers fan.  But, then again, my dad always roots for the underdogs, and when the Angels finally won a series in 2002 against the Giants, my father became a bit “miffed” at the “bandwagon fans”.   And although it was there one and only series win (so far…), he is still a die hard fan.  Although I have been slowly, very slowly, trying to get him to understand the love of Cardinal Nation, and how is baby girl could be a “traitor” and become a Cardinals fan!  Well, at least they both wear red!

As for Little League, my favorite memory has to be of my own son, Leo.   I always wanted him to get into T-ball.  He refused and I didn’t push.  But, finally in 2nd grade when his best friend joined a Little League team, Leo signed up as well.   It lasted on season.  My Leo thought it much more interesting to search for unknown bug species in the dirt of the outfield, then to catch a fly with his new Leftie Glove.  But it’s a memory I shall forever cherish.  My Little League memory of my Little Bugger Leo.   So happy 75th Little League!  May you continue to introduce the game of baseball (and softball) to boys and girls all over the world!  May you continue to inspire “Fields of Dreams”!  And I ask anyone reading this blog, to share their own Little League memories, if they would do us the honor.  It would be a pleasure to read all the memories and those memories in the making of their own little Leaguers!