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CIA Joins Twitter & HAS THE BEST First Tweet EVER! #tabascofiles

The BEST first tweet ever!  and it’s from a government agency!

INSTAGRAM TRENDING VIDEO NOW:  Weezer drummer catches a frisbee and never stops his drumming!  Check it out:

Hero Who Stopped Seattle Shooter Has His Wedding Registry And Honeymoon Paid For By Strangers!  Jon Meis tackled the man who opened fire at Seattle Pacific University Thursday. The internet thanked him by buying everything on his wedding registry, and more. Aaron Ybarra, 26, allegedly opened fire Thursday at Seattle Pacific University, killing one person and wounding three others. The rampage only stopped when 22-year-old student Jon Meis tackled Ybarra Meis also pepper sprayed Ybarra and, along with other students, confined him until the police caught up. Investigators called Meis a hero and said they were in awe of his selflessness. Meis and his fiancé registered at Target and Crate & Barrel. By Friday, people had purchased every single item on Meis’ registry that they could buy online.

High School Surprises Janitor With $1,900 So He Can Visit His Granddaughter for the First Time–1-900-so-he-can-visit-his-granddaughter-for-the-first-time-185605637.html

two minutes of some of the most amazing flying from pilots you’ll ever see:

Son sees thru a promise he made to his dad when he was just 8 years old and gives him a 57 chevy belvedere on his 57th birthday! GREAT VIDEO

NEW APP GEOTAGS ROADKILL _ Thanks to a new app, you’ll never have to be grossed out by roadkill again. A smartphone-based system for citizen scientists sends in reports of roadkill so that authorities can respond and clean up more quickly. In WVC Reporter — WVC is short for Wildlife Vehicle Collision — citizen scientists geotag the dead animals. In other apps, like RoadkillGarneau, users reported the highway name and mile marker. WVC Reporter has aggregated 6,822 carcasses from its mobile users so far.

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