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#TabascoFiles Tuesday

“He ain’t Heavy, He’s my Brother”. A classic song from The Hollies, 1969. One of my dad’s favorite tunes and had that song been written now, I would’ve think it would’ve been written all about this amazing story! A Michigan teen walked 40 miles with his little brother on his back to raise awareness about his brothers disorder! Check out the heartwarming story and part of today’s #tabascofiles feel goods:

In celebration of wedding season, I thought it a beautiful and appropriate #tabascofiles bridal files story! So you plan your wedding out to the very detail. Everything is in order. BUT, you never thought the wrath of Mother Nature would come down right at the time and place of your special day! In Bend, Oregon a young couples nuptials were interrupted by an out of control wildfire. So what to do? Have the wedding a few miles away, but the background for the pics? Heck, why not use what’s happening that day! They’ll NEVER forget THEIR special day, and talk about breathtakingly beautiful photos! There love affair is so hot it’s blazing! Check out the pictures from Cosmo here:

Let, Let it go, I can’t hold back the news no more!

Are you hooked on the cool fairy tale meets modern world drama “Once upon a Time”? Are you a “Frozen” fanatic? Well, lucky for us (I am both, so you’re not alone!) The two shall collide and in a wonderful way! According to Cosmo’s website, Anna and Kristoff are going to make a guest appearance on the t.v. show! YAY!!!!! According to one “spoiler alert”, “When we first meet Kristoff on Once, he is adjusting to life at the castle — including sleeping indoors for the first time in his life”. Will Olaf make an appearance on the show?   Hmmm…ya never know! Here’s the link to the story:


Reality Roundtable! Imagine a world, where all the Reality Show hosts come together and talk “Shop”? Fascinating, is all I gotta say! And from Jeff Probst (survivor) to Carson Daly (The Voice) and Brent Montgomery (Real World), they do NOT hold back about the contestants, the tabloids and those comments Phil said on Duck Dynasty! Check it out here:


Maybe you like it?  I will give Cosmo big PROPS for putting an almost naked man on their cover for once, instead of a gangly, thin (eat a french fry or two!) model!  “Man V. Food” host Adam Richmond has shed some weight, and he proves it in a naked (with a soccer ball strategically placed) photo on the cover of cosmo!  Here it is:

Do you find this sexy?  Do you think he is sexy no matter his weight?  AND do you think men put more emphasis on women celebs to lose weight then women do on men?  Oh, the burning Weighty issues!

Should Nic be CAGED for this outfit?

Do you remember Andrew Dice Clay?  For that matter, do you remember Nicolas Cage?  Okay, I’m kidding on that last guy!  Wait.  What HAS Mr. Cage been in recently?  Nonetheless, perhaps his LOOK that he is wearing should be CAGED!  Would YOU where a t-shirt with YOUR face on it?  Not to mention the wine goblet, the hat, the gut, er…guy next to him!  Wait, that’s Dice Clay!  Whatever happened to HIM?  Besides the sideburns!  Check it out a #tabascofiles celeb pic of the day:

Say goodnight, Judi!  Goodnight, Judi!  #tabascofiles if YOU have any trending, HOT stories and if we use them on The Cornbread Show, YOU could get a WIL T-shirt for your trouble!  It’s what’s HOT on 92 3 WIL!  Get your COUNTRY AND #Tabascofiles ON!