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Silly or Brilliant? Guy Travels the world in a BATHROBE! And MORE #tabascofiles is HERE

Entrepreneur Barbie! OH, What a DOLL!  Happy #TGIF from #Tabascofiles!

Guy Travels Around the world and is Instagram Viral cuz he’s dressed in just a ….???

How do these people get the MONEY to DO This kind of stuff! I vote for A CORNBREAD CRUSADE TRAVEL EXPEDITION! The Cornbread Show will travel all over the world taking Instagram photos and we’ll be just in our Jammie Pants! (Well, I will be wearing a top, I don’t know about CB and Mac!) Hey, I just wanna visit the Mona Lisa!

Saved the Bell! Remember the show? Well, apparently a LOT went on BEHIND the scenes and Lifetime is gonna tell us in a new Unauthorized movie! Here’s the link to the actors playing all your favs from the show, courtesy Buzzfeed:

Entrepreneur Barbie! OH, What a DOLL!

Ever been taking a shower and had a GREAT idea, but ALAS!  WHERE to write it down?  Amazon is selling a product that is the answer!

Aquanotes!  Waterproof paper and pencil!

  • Great for Shower Thinkers, Families on the Go, Boaters, Field Workers, Artists and Doodlers, and College Students
  • No More Great Ideas Down the Drain! and in multi color for under 8 bucks!  What will they think of next!

Remember a few days ago I reported on #tabascofiles about Starbucks giving it’s employees scholarship money?  Well, guess what!  It’s not REALLY their money! According to Komonews:  “Initially, Starbucks said that workers would be able to offset the costs through an upfront scholarship it was providing with Arizona State, but declined to say exactly how much of the cost it was shouldering. The chain estimated that the scholarship would average about $6,500 over two years to cover tuition of about $20,000.

Following the announcement, however, Arizona State University president Michael Crow told The Chronicle of Higher Education that Starbucks is not contributing any money toward the scholarship. Instead, Arizona State will essentially charge workers less than the sticker price for online tuition. Much of the remainder would likely be covered by federal aid since most Starbucks workers don’t earn a lot of money.”  SOOO, really, it seems like an advertising ploy to me!  But you decide!  Here’s the link to the story;

Sometimes when you’re a dad, and you have a daughter who is sick, it’s all about the “Climb”.

And a hilarious NEW way to work out!  Just up Cornbreads Aisle!