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Banned Grey Poupon Ad is hysterical! Do YOU think it’s funny or dumb?

HILARIOUS #tabascofiles of the day!  Remember that snobby mustard “Grey Poupon”?  Well, they made a commercial that got pulled but I THINK it’s HYSTERICAL!  What do YOU think?  And what do YOU poop on?

Katie Couric is OFF the Avail List! it interesting that this was her tweet?  “So excited to make my debut as Mrs. John Molner!” You never see a guy tweet “So excited to make my debut as Mr. Couric”?  When are we going to get past done that?
I know he’s not country, but this guy KILLS it in a cover of Whitney Houston’s “How Will I know”.  His name is Sam Smith and he is a British Soul Phenom.  Me thinks he’s about to get big in the U.S. :

THE ‘FOREVER ALONE POD’ IS FOR SALE _ From a Japanese online store called Cozy Room comes an invention you never thought you would need — the Forever Alone pod. Dubbed as a “relaxation room for men and women,” this pod lets you get away from the world so you can truly savor your ‘alone time’. For $8,000 you get this sort of space-age seat thing that slides into a soundproof cubicle that you can deck out with a TV or computer. It’s got shelves and room for snacks and such. Once your seat slides in to the Forever Alone pod there’s no way for anyone to bother or distract you.

Are there celebrities on the new social App “Yo”?  Hmmm…hard to tell by this huffpost link:

AND is “Yo” for you?  Well, first let me explain what this App does.

[Update: After catapulting ahead with over 300 thousand users, Yo was hacked by three college students. According to TechCrunch, they’ve figured out how to reveal any Yo users’ phone number, send messages from that number, and spam usernames with unlimited Yos. So there you have it, even more annoying than before.]

Yo, an app for iOS and Android, describes itself as “the simplest & most efficient communication tool in the world.” Once you find other friends using the app, their names will appear in big block letters on your screen. Tap a name, and the message “Yo” will appear on that person’s lock screen, from you.

That’s all it does. It has already raised $1 million.  I say NO to YO! and one little girl….

REALLY wants to spend some time with her daddy!  But google is making him work soooo hard!  SO, She writes the cutest little letter (in crayon) to those mean Google bosses to give him a day off!  Check it out here: