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Did she say “Yes”? What’s on your ‘Dating Bucket List’?

Nana Vs. Germs and then some!  Would YOU do this at 86?  These stunts are really being performed by Nana!  Check it out:

It’s 86 year old actress, Beverly Paulson who’s been in films like Hook and Legally Blonde, aint’ stopping any time soon and then some!  In a series of new commercials for Nextcare bandages she goes thru  a series of stunts wearing the bandade including having a john deere dump dirt on her, to diving into a big industrial garbage can filled with garbage!  She even takes on the worst of all stunts….ripping off the bandade!

NicandNick  guy actually made an ad to play during the world cup soccer to task his girlfriend to marry him!  But it’s more than just that….it took him a year to convince her to go out with him.  Then he tricked her into more dates by asking her what her “Dating Bucket List” was and he proceeded to take her on all those dates!  See their adorable and sweet story here:

a Love #tabascofiles that was worth sharing!  The only thing (and I don’t wanna be cynical here, but why not) is on their site there is a “Donate” button.  Hmmmmm….

If you had a “Dating Bucket List” what would be on it?   One of mine is to have my boyfriend take me to a Canal ride in Venice, Italy!  I know, cheesey, but HEY!  It’s MY bucket list!