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Video gaming gets Athletic Scholarships? HUH? #Tabascofiles

Cornbread thinks Cheerleading isn’t a sport???  Perhaps he’ll change his tune when he hears about THIS #tabascofiles story!  According to this article:,0,4334654.story

Playing the very popular (and growing more popular every day) “League of Legends” could get you an athletic scholarship to Robert Morris University in Chicago!  WHAT?   Well, according to the Associate Athletic Director, although the game may not be a PHYSICAL sport, it is a mental sport that includes team building and knowing the exact role you play on the team!  I will say, my son Leo plays League of Legends.  He doesn’t just play. He’s addicted.  He watches strategy videos on youtube and if I interrupt him in the middle of a game to, say, mow the lawn, he freaks out and says “I can’t just leave!  I’m part of the team and they NEED me!”   Hey!  If it can get him a free ride to college some day, why not?

OMG!  This 3 year old is soooo cute! She was caught red handed eating a Krispy Kreme doughnut. Even though her mom told her she would have to wait until after lunch to get one. She swears everyone else did it, except her!!! So funny!  This girl should be a lawyer some day!  My favorite place is 2:45 in the video….

A viral blog post has pet owners scared to give dogs ice water to cool them off on hot summer days, but Gillian Pensavalle (@GillianWithaG) says according to veterinarians, you have nothing to fear. In fact, ice is a good thing!

So be aware and ask your VET!

Staples is calling all dance machines to submit videos of themselves doing ‘the shopping cart’ dance for the company’s back-to-school ads.


Do YOU Shopping cart dance?