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THIS is what summer is ALL ABOUT!

Happy #tabascofiles #finallyfriday #TGIF on The Cornbread Show!  NEW WORKOUT VIDEO!!!  It’s called the Delivery man!  It’s a workout video!

If you want to know what pure happiness looks like, it’s a boy riding a water slide while wearing a GoPro.

His name is Jon Cozart.  You may not have heard of him, but he gets millions….i’m talking 33, millions hits on his youtube videeos and he is brilliant!

Is THIS the best workout video since Prancercise?  Perhaps!  Hey, if you can lose some weight, WHY NOT!  YOU be the decider:

He writes his own parody songs but he sings them brilliantly!  His latest is called Disney After Ever After 2 and is was just released and is already at 121 on itunes!  He’s a bit, let’s just say,off colored, (not for the little kids!) but he’s amazing!

And a HOT Tabasco story which seems, well, fitting for #tabascofiles:

Happy Friday Friends!