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From Convict To Model #tabascofiles wonders is this right?

His mugshot went viral thanks to his genetically handsome features.  So should convict be celebrated and given modelling work?  We all knew that it would happen!  Buzz60 has the scoop:

I’ve learned the hard way, if you do NOT look over your cell phone bill, you could be getting ripped off!  Who has the time to look over and investigate all those little “charges” on your phone/internet bill?  Now, let me say I am not a T-mobile customer.  But it doesn’t matter, IMO, who your company is, there seems to always be questions to the billing.  Well, according to the following Yahoo article, T-Mobile allegedly made millions in bogus charges…KNOWINGLY!  Check out the whole story at yahoo’s link here:

In celebration of Independence Day, I found this video with 10 Big Facts about the USA you might like!  I learned a LOT!  For example, did you know there are tiny hidden images of an owl and spider on the $1 bill?  Many claim they are symbols of a Masonic Club that many Presidents were members!  Also in 1950 Tootsie Rolls were sent by mistake instead of ammunition to fighting US Marines, and John Adams AND Thomas Jefferson BOTH died on July 4th, 1826, EXACTLY 50 years after signing the Declaration of Independence!  Check out the 10 here:

Very interesting! AND since many of you will have a long weekend thanks to the holiday, I wanted to share with you a channel I love and find lots of the best of youtube that is trending up for #tabascofiles!  YES!  I’m sharing my secrets!  BUT THIS channel is too good to not pass on!  Youtube Nation is a channel that gets the best of youtube every day.  Here’s an example!  Subscribe too!