Ever seen the Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore movie “The Wedding Singer”?  It’s a throwback to the 80′s romance and it’s one of my all time favorite romantic comedies!  Well, perhaps Justin Beiber and Carly Rae could be the new Wedding Singers according to Buzz60!  Okay, not really.  But their manager was getting married and they decided to get up on stage for a few impromptu performances!  Now it was a Jewish wedding, so another celeb guest in attendance (you might know him as Tom Hanks), decided to dance a Jewish dance, the Hora to a pop song!  That’s my fav part of this trending up video:

Another favorite youtube channels of mine that I love to share on #tabascofiles, Soulpancake, has a new one that is awesome!  It’s the Science of a Happy Family!  How to create it!  The folks behind the new film “wish i were here” which comes out July 18th, approached Soulpancake to help them with the dynamics of the film.  According to its’ star Zach Braff (scrubs), he says the movie is about what happens when a person goes from being a part of a family to being the leader of a family.  Check it out here and perhaps get some guidance with your OWN family and parenting!

And, might I add that is a GREAT way for a film to advertise itself by hooking up with a popular Youtube channel?  Another youtube channel I have recently discovered is a very brave young woman who has many mental disabilities and she shares her soul and bares it all on her really interesting and thought provoking videos.  In this video, she talks about why you don’t ALWAYS HAVE to be happy!  My fav part is at at about 1:36.  Seriously, IS Happiness a Choice?  Have you ever walked into someone at work or a friend and they say “Smile!  Be Happy!  Don’t look so down!  Turn that frown upside down”!  If you’ve been there, and you’ve been just plan down or sad, is it really THAT easy to just CHOOSE to be happy at that moment?  And…is it really HELPING you?  Let’s face it:  There can be no light without the shadow!  What if we really were happy all the time?  what would we have it to compare it to?  Check out her video here:

We’re only 6 months away from Christmas but already manufacturers are coming up with THE toys for Christmas 2014!  A doll that helps your kid do homework????  Wonder if it’s smarter than a 5th grader!


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