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WHO is joining the Voice? and MORE #tabascofiles Thursday

#tabascofiles Thursday and this could easily be called a #throwbackthursdaytabascofiles seeing as the news involved a HUGE singer/songwriter/all round amazing musician from the 70’s/80’s with one of the top selling albums of all time “Rumors, Fleetwood Mac”.  I’m talking Stevie Nicks!  The news broke yesterday, but is hot enough this morning to sizzle on #tabascofiles!  Stevie Nicks is set to assist the Maroon 5 frontman’s team as a musical advisor for the NBC competition’s seventh season, Extra reports. The show confirmed the news yesterday on Twitter, writing, “#TeamAdam it’s time to welcome @StevieNicks to #TheVoice family!”Read more:  and here’s the link from the Extra story as well:

And ANOTHER cat has held her owners hostage!  WHAT is going ON with cats???  Check out the Buzz60 story here:

I think I’ll stick with being a “Dog Person”!  How about a Hedgehog?  According to youtube channel Sourcefed,  Scientists unearthed fossils revealing the tiniest hedgehog to walk the earth, check out the video below and their source of the story is here:

Happy Thursday!