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BEST Fake News ever and more on #finallyfriday #tabascofiles

As we talked about on the show today, here is the adorable little girls saying why you should NOT go to Canada!  BEST fake news ever!

Happy #tabascofiles FRIDAY!  Up first, Katy Perry, like every other celebrity, has a line of perfume and her new commercial is, let’s just say bizarro???? And I tend to agree with Buzz60 and THEIR take on it:

Remember the viral video from I talked about a few months back on #tabascofiles, the “hampster eating burrito?”  Well, they’re baaacckk…and even cuter!  Cuz now they’re partying and eating with….tiny Hedgehogs!  cute, cute, cute and share worthy here from Buzz60:

wedding proposals are just getting stranger and stranger!  Like, this one for instance!