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Cow Whisperer can Really MOOve YOU!

Is THIS a modern day “Cowboy”?  Perhaps if this “Cow Whisperer” comedian was on a HORSE, maybe!  But it’s pretty incredible that he can fake a cow voice so well, cows actually come to him!  Check it out thanks to Buzz60 here:

That would be a “Moosday” #tabascofiles!  He’s milking it for all he can!  No Beef with THIS cowboy!  Utterly Amazing!  Time to MOOve on!

DEREK JETER’s emotional tribute with a Tip of a hat is awesome!  Check it out here:

AND JUST NOW, Kristin Stewart and Anne Hathaway in mustaches and a music video?  WHY NOT!?

Next time you go out to eat and have to wait an extra long time, it not be the restaurants’ fault!  According to this one study, again shared by the awesome Buzz60, (and it is a very loose study, but one that makes sense!) cell phones are causing up to an hour longer for diners at restaurants!  Why?  Think about all those foodie pics you see on Instagram?  The Facebook posts telling everyone exactly where someone is eating (and more foodie pics) along with selfies and just plain texting and surfing the net, Cell phones are just taking up way too much time!  Sadly, that’s more time in a restaurant, but less time actually communicating with the ones that are sharing the actual meal!

Weird AL is BAAACKK With His Parody of Pharrell’s “Happy” song with “Tacky”!  Are YOU tacky?  What makes YOU tacky?  It’s a Tacky #tabascofiles Weird Al! debuted the video and it went viral immediately!  As per “Featuring guest appearances from comedians Aisha Tyler, Margaret Cho, Eric Stonestreet, Kristen Schaal and Jack Black, the video was shot on location at the historic Palace Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles, the same space that was used as Julianne Moore’s apartment in The Big Lebowski.”  Check out the video AND the story at the nerdist link here:

Pictures that will make you see the world can be a very “kind” place! put together a beautiful and uplifting collage here: