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Hot Firefighters Calendar! Burning…! BUT, something is different….

And it’s a first!  Every year there is a casting call for the New York Fire Fighters to flex their muscles and smiles to see if they are manly and hot enough to make the annual NYFD Calendar!  HOT would be an understatement!  These guys are on FIRE!  But, there is a NEW Firefigher in the house and she is a…SHE!  For the first time ever, a female will be in the 2015 Calendar and she is taking over the month of March!  Buzz60 always gives #tabascofiles some HOT stuff!  Here’s the link:

Breaking Bad meets hemorrhoids, Leonardio DiCaprio was a darn cute kid chewing Bubble Yum, and Bazzinga!  Spot the Now famous actors just trying to earn a buck in their early days of acting, pitching you crap!  hilarious is here:

If you are blessed to have a baby on the way, first off congrats!  But you are even MORE blessed because there are some insanely awesome things for babies now!  Way more than when my kids were born!  So if you’re going to a shower, here are some great ideas for gifts!   Gifts such as An Origami foldin stroller that according to buzzfeed is…” state of the art stroller not only opens and closes at the push of a button, but has an LCD dashboard, lights that come on in low light situations, and a built-in cell phone charger! But it isn’t cheap at $849.99, but you can get it here:

and a Onesie fit for a “Future Astronaut!”  As “Babies are unable to regulate their temperature like adults,  these onesies (made out of the same smart material used for NASA’s space suits) help babies stay at the optimal temperature and avoid overheating.  Here’s the link for that gift and it’s only $50 so that’s pretty good:

She’s known as “The Facebook Cop”!  who is she and why are some people mad about how this police officer gets paid!?  Here’s the entire Wall Street Journal article link: