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Tabascofiles Thursday 7/24/14

Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer is here, will you watch it?  Do you care?  Did you read the books?  Take a look:

Have you ever wondered about that dude from all those “hey, you can make money” informercials with the Question Mark suits?  His name is Matthew Lesko, otherwise known as “The Guy In The Question Mark Suit” and Youtubers VICE chose him to profile on their latest show!  Here’s the video link:

What will be the future of YOUR television?  Something that bends like Wallpaper!  Check out the 18-inch FLEXIBLE OLED  Panel t.v.!  It’s pretty awesome:

A couple of Featured Apps this week on itunes store that are #tabascofiles share worthy:   Airbnb is a pretty cool App if you are itching to travel, on a budget, and don’t want to do the usual “tourist” thing.  It connects  Travelers in over 34,000 cities and 192 countries with “the worlds most interesting places to stay” (their description) with people renting those places out!  So whether you want to earn money from your extra space, or want to visit a new place and stay somewhere unique, it’s a cool app.  Here is the link for info:

And, in Celebration of the big Comic-Con in San Diego, the popular ArtRage App will be FREE for download (usually it’s $1.99-$4.99).  This is only through July 27th, so if you want it, download it now!  It’s a really cool App, and in their description “places the real tools of an art studio, at your fingertips”.  Create all kinds of one of a kind, images made by you that look like watercolor and oil type paintings.  Here’s the link for that App:




  1. Too bad your app is APPLE only and you didnt say that on the air this morning! I thought maybe they finally had released a ANDROID version. How sad…

    • Yes, I realized that after the fact, and I apologize. I try to include Apps that are both Apple AND Android. If you ever have a tip on a great Android App, I’d love to share it as well! Thank you for letting me know your thoughts! – Judi