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#Tabascofiles 7/28/14

Dog so excited he faints!

Newest line of celebrity cosmetics will embiggen your beauty with these perfectly cromulent products!  (Talk about drawing out your inner beauty)!  Marge Simpson has a makeup line coming out!  Now THIS is a celebrity I’d listen to!  DOH!

I FART at you, France!  Hysterical!

10 year old girl can Slay, Slayer and this Huffington Post article shows her playing and tells all about this amazing girls talent

Mad Max Fury Road first trailer is here!  Will you watch this Mad Max Movie?

September 28th The Simpsons will do a crossover episode with Family guy!  Can’t wait til’ September?  Here’s five minutes to tease youfrom Variety online! Watch the Crossover HERE

Mr Sketch Scented Markers are back just in time for back to school!  Their new AD is quite different than I remember!  I always thought they losed their scents too quickly!