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#tabascofiles Tuesday July 28, 2014

Homeless Man sings “All of Me” for his “food” and his voice is awesome!  Would this make you give him your spare change?

Think you can do better than TSA?  You could make up to $15,000 for your best idea!  Check it out:

Could a simple Headband save a child’s life?  According to this Buzz60 report, it could save a child from drowning!  Check it out:

A picture was trending late yesterday of President and Michelle Obama fist bumping.  Apparently, there is a reason for this, as explained hilariously from SourceFed:

So it’s about being cool and then you are clean!

This is a beautiful hashtag amidst all the hater hashtags on both sides of the Gaza war.  It’s beautiful and it’s called “Refusing to be Enemies” and it all started from one picture.  Share the love:

and if you’re into fantasy/sci fi flicks, you’ll be excited to see this new Hobbit trailer just released: