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#humpday #tabascofiles July 30, 2014

Happy #Humpday one and all!  Am I the only one who thinks of camels whenever that phrase is uttered?  #tabascofiles for today:

OMG!  Big Sis doesn’t want her brother to grow up!  She is just so darn adorable and definitely SHARE worthy!!!

Mashable teaches us all how to make Beer-Flavored ice cream on Youtube!

SoulPancakes Corbin is on a “journey to find out what it means to be a good dad”, and here’s his latest story!  What does it mean to YOU to be a dad?

What will you do to make a difference in someone elses’ life today?  And I hope I can make a difference somehow in YOUR life with this awesome SubReddit link I discovered!  (There are soooo many great Sub Reddits!)  It’s Life Pro Tips such as “If someone calls you out or puts you down in a petty way, don’t defend yourself, reply with a joke that puts yourself down even further.  It shows strength of character and will make them question themselves and why they said it” See THAT tip along with lots of others as well as great life hacks too HERE