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HAPPY FRIDAY!  #tabascofiles Katy Perry is one of Cornbread’s Guilty Pleasure!  I happen to love her songs and attitude as well, but this new video which is trending, is eye candy!  Love The fashions and retro look!

If only all bank ATM machines would do this!  ATM stood for “Automated Thank You Machine” at this particular Canadian bank that was giving quite remarkable Thank You gifts!!!  Check out the amazing responses to such a great video!

Katy Perry

The UK is just now getting into the Toddlers and Tiara’s thing with a show called “Blinging Up Baby” and the latest episode is going viral because the mother decided to dress her 4-yr-old as a…get this…“HOOTERS WAITRESS” !~

IF you are funs of OITNB (Orange Is The New Black) like Cornbread, Judi and Mac, you definitely need to check out Reddit’s iAMa interview with the actress who plays Crazy Eyes!  she’s sweet, and candid!  I liked what she said when asked how she prepares to take on the roll of Crazy eyes:  “I take walks before and afterwards, to let her in and to say goodbye. Before and after getting into costume”  here’s the SubReddit link to see CRAZY EYES!