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#Tabascofiles Thur 7/31/14

St. Louis Marine surprises his wife by coming home early at the Cards/Padres in San Diego.  The Padres were kind enough to announce and video the homecoming embrace!  AWESOME!  Check out the KSDK story link here

The punch that started it all!  Did you think that only the “Diva’s” in the entertainment business have beefs?  Not SO!  There seems to be a Bloom/Beiber #tabascofiles #bloombieberfeud #tmz that just keeps growing and growing!  It all Started with this video posted on TMZ !   And, the latest on the Biebs/Bloom feud is Justin Beiber posted an instagram picture of Orlando Bloom crying and There is a petition to the President on Change.Org that July 29th (The day Bloom allegedly punched Beiber) be known as National Orlando Bloom Day!

And People Magazine has a list of the top 5 Guilty Pleasures SONGS

Did yours make it?  What’s your guilty pleasure song?  Mine is my NEW FAVORITE song by Maddie & Tae “Girl In A Country Song” , which we talked about this morning on the Cornbread Show! I got to interview them for Stl Country and you can watch them perform and see the interview this Sunday on ABC30 at 10:00pm .  Here is the VIDEO to the song which is HYSTERICAL!

Do you like it?