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#tabascofiles 8/5/14

When I saw a headline that read Dwayne Wade & Gabrielle Union’s “Save The Date” Video was going viral, I was skeptical.  I am getting a bit tired, shall we say, of those cheesey proposal videos (I feel like often it’s just ways of folks getting their “Viral 15 minutes fame”.  BUT, after I watched it…I thought different!  Dwayne includes his children in the video and it’s sweet and cute!  Check it out:

ADORABLE couple that is taking the youtube sing-a-long craze in a totally different direction!  To Sign Language!  Buzz60 video is here:

I know that Cornbread’s wife Lisa can sign, so I wonder if she and CB should make a video?  And now on to Being Brave.  Would you sacrafice your own life to save anothers?  Sure, It’s a given when it’s your child.  But, what about a fellow soldier?  A human’s natural instinct is self-preservation.  Yet with BOTH these Navy Officers they defied that instinct.  Check out this Washington Post article…which includes…..” Harris, 23, had the option to cut the line connecting him to Reyher underwater and survive. He refused to do it, though, doing everything in his power to free Reyher, 28, until both men died on Feb. 26, 2013.”

WOW!  And, if you give THIS hotel a bad review on YELP! It could cost you $500!

Taylor Swift used social media Monday to share the number 18. Taylor uploaded a cryptic video from an elevator, in which she’s seen pressing the button for the 18th floor multiple times. What’s it mean? One thing we do know: Taylor’s working on a new album.… Some fans think Taylor will deliver a new single on August 18.

SURFING SEAL! Matthew Stanley captured GoPro footage of a baby seal climbing on his board and playing with him and his friend Andrew Flounders. The two were surfing off the coast of England. In the YouTube video description, Stanley explains: “Me and my friend … were out enjoying some summer waves when this little guy came along and scared the [heck] out of us because we didn’t know what it was! It nudged his foot from underneath.” The young seal seemed determined to surf or at least lay on the board but it kept slipping and sliding off. Video