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#tabascofiles 8/9/14 #TGIFriday!

NEW App out TODAY for iOS (hopefully coming soon to Android and others) that uses crowdsourcing to let you know if you’re in a “Sketchy” area or not!  Ever been somewhere, lost and wondered, OMG, is this a safe area?  THIS app promises to help you out.  I just downloaded it myself, I’m gonna use it a few days, and I’ll report back!  Here’s the link to the NEWYORKDAILYNEWS ARTICLE 

This is definitely the best “Happy” song rendition I’ve ever….well, not heard, but seen…:

Kickin it with My Daddy:

Get out of Me Car vine has turned into quite the musical compilation!  lol:

Kama the Surfing Pig is wayyyyyyy radddder than that surfing seal!