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Letter to my son for back to school

Letter to my son, on his first day back at school:

They are all over. Letters from mothers to their children on first day of school.   My own son, Leo, goes back to school tomorrow.  He is an awesome kid. Sure, he doesn’t clean his room as often as I’d like. He doesn’t always do his chores on time. He waits til’ the last minute to practice piano, do homework, and so much more.   But he has a kind and giving nature and would give you his last dollar if you were in need.   He is humble.  His M.A.P. english test scores was off the charts, literally, and when I gushed, he got embarrassed and said it was “no big deal”.  He is definitely an introvert and a deep thinker.  And so, with all that said, here is my letter. I am posting it to inspire other parents to write a back to school letter of their own to their kids. Even if they can’t read, then draw a picture. It’s something I bet your kids will always remember.  Heck, maybe they’ll even be inclined to save it to show to their own kids one day.

Dear Leo,

As you enter a new school year, take a moment.   Look around.  Take notice of the little things.  The smell of bleach mixed with the smells of the ladies in hair nets hard at work already in the cafeteria.   Just a small whiff, perhaps, of freshly waxed gym floor as you collect with your classmates to hear the Principals first announcement welcoming you to a new year.   Take in the growth of friends you haven’t seen all summer.  Look around and find a new face, perhaps…a scared face.  Welcome that person.  Be there with the charming smile and easy way you possess to, make a new student, feel just a bit more comfortable.    And if you find, yourself ever at a time, today, or any other day during school, a bit, uncomfortable, just know, you’re not alone.  Every student, every classmate who you pass in the hall, that you sit next to as you try to stay awake during Math, that works with you as part of your track team, or wrestling team, every classmate, that you partner up with for a project, every single one of them, I guarantee, has at one time or another felt the exact same way.

And….I guarantee that every teacher, counselor, and I would also bet that even your Principal, will have days of being insecure. Unsure.  Scared.  They have a passion for teaching and passing on their knowledge.  Look at your teachers as not “Mr. Whatshisname”, but as an actual person.  (Yes!  They DO go to the mall, have a family, a husband or wife, a best friend, all that!  Look at them as human. A person who laughs, like you.  Cries, like you.  And wants to help others, like you.  Strive to attain a communication with each and every one of your teachers and counselors.   You are, by nature, Leo, a very curious person.  You want to know how everything works and why.  And even more, you have a natural curiousity about People.  That, will get you far in life, always.  Remember, as you go through not just this first day of school, but every day of your life, to strive to be a centered self, rather than be self-centered.  But above all this, remember, the little things.  One day, you will be a full on adult.  You might be working long hours and be crazy busy, but then…suddenly, perhaps walking down a busy street, you will smell something that reminds you of……Your first day of school.  Perhaps you’ll turn to follow where that scent is from.  Your eyes find a school, much like the one you will be entering tomorrow, and the smell of cafeteria food mixed with bleach and a freshly waxed gym floor, and it might just stop you in your tracks.  Take a deep breath, take in the scent, and let the memories wash over you.

I love you Leo.  As I always say, Being kind is more important to me, as your mom, then getting straight A’s.  Although, if you could do your homework a BIT more on time, you’d have a less stressed out mom!   :))))

Have a GREAT first DAY!