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Tabascofiles Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Game of Thrones Fans!  Perhaps you are one of the couple who have correctly guessed the ending to the George R.R. Martin Fantasy Series!  BUT, that’s not going to stop R R M from changing the ending!

AND also on Buzz60, ever wonder if those delivery package people are ever REALLY careful with those deliveries?  Perhaps NOT!  THIS guy ended up with HIS package on his ROOF!

Were you a Veronica Mars fan?  Well, it’s coming back.  Online, that is!  Check out the BUZZFEED STORY HERE

Here’s a prank a lot of people might either love or like!  Take Selfies?  Better be ready to pay a fine!  Check out the Buzz60 story here:

Wanna Be Instantly Liked?  Here are 7 things that might help you be instantly liked!  For example, when you are with a group of people, and say, one of their friends or spouse joins the group, it can be awkward for them.  If you see them on the fringes of the group, open the group up!  Be an ambassador to letting them in on the conversation!  you will be instantly liked!