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Tabascofiles August 18, 2014

I’m back from vacay and #tabascofiles is back too!  Thanks to #Macascofiles for taking over while I was gone !  First up:  Remember Fresh Prince of Bel Air?  It’s the show that skyrocketed a then young Wil Smith to stardom!  Well, TMZ caught Smith, shirtless and looking FINE and reliving some “summertime” for a very enthusiastic crowd!  check it out:

Could you just imagine, you go to a screening, your favorite actor/actress is the star, and after the screening, out pops…THAT STAR?  That’s EXACTLY what happened at a recent screening of the Danielle Radcliff flick “What If”

Remember a week or so ago when Kendell Jenner got accused by a waitress for not paying her bill on #tabascofiles?  Well, according to TMZ, Kendell is so mad she allegedly is going to sue!  WHO is right?

Meet Hitchbot!  Would YOU pick up a hitchhiking Robot?  Hitchbot is also a social media maven!  Follow him/her?  on Twitter, facebook and all the rest!  See it here:

Jeffrey Katzenberg head of Dreamworks is the latest to accept the Ice Bucket challenge for ALS, received from his good friend, Steven Spielberg!  Sure, it’s EASY to do an ice bucket challenge in summer!  How about we do this when it’s 10 below in the winter!  Now THERE’s A challenge!  I’ll accept for a good cause!  here’s the Jeffrey’s:

Happy Monday!

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