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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about adopting or posting a military member? Before emailing or calling, see if your answer's here!

I tried to adopt a soldier but I didn’t get an email back with their address. What’s wrong?

You should have received an email with the soldier’s information within 10 to 15 minutes. Either there was an error in entering your information, there is an overload on our server, or you cannot receive an email from our domain. Don’t worry, the email is simply a backup to the page you should have printed out and does not contain any additional vital info about your soldier. If you printed out the soldier’s address you are good to go! If you would still like the email as a backup, try adopting the soldier again at a later time and make sure your return email address you entered is correct. See if this works on the second try. If not, chances are your computer has spam blockers which prevent our return email from getting to you. Many work emails have firewalls to protect their computers. Don’t worry, the info was not vital to your shipment.

I tried to adopt a soldier but when I clicked the “Adopt” button, I got an error page that says “page unavailable”. What happened?

You probably didn’t fill out all of the required information. Make sure you follow all 3 steps.

  1. Fill out your NAME and EMAIL address.
  2. Click ONE soldier to adopt.
  3. Then click ADOPT at the BOTTOM of the page. If this still doesn’t work, our server may be overloaded. Try again later.
I submitted a soldier but I haven’t seen them posted on the list. Why?

Several things may be happening. We take soldiers off the list after they have been adopted about 10 times so other soldiers have a chance to get packages.

  1. Maybe they were posted, adopted 10 times, then removed. Sometimes soldiers are on the list less than a day because they’re adopted so fast!
  2. You or someone else has already posted this soldier once and they’re still on the list or have been adopted out many times and removed. We will post a soldier only once so other soldiers have a chance to get packages.
  3. The information you provided is insufficient. Resubmit.
I adopted a soldier and I haven’t received a response back from them. Why?

These soldiers are fighting a war! Some of them have found time to return brief emails, but many do not have the time or the capabilities to respond… whether it’s via email or regular mail. Some are overwhelmed by so many packages that it’s impossible to get back to everyone who sends them. We understand the desire of some people to want to correspond regularly with these brave men and women, but we need to remember that they don’t work at Kinkos!

I adopted a soldier, but lost the return email with their address. Now they’ve been removed from the list. Can I still get their address?

Chances are YES! Email the information you remember (we’ll need at least the first name and another bit of info to match it) to one of us at

I have boxes ready for a soldier. But when I sat down to adopt them, they’ve been removed. What can I do?

You should have adopted them first, gotten their address via email, THEN did your shopping! But we appreciate your enthusiasm! If they’ve been removed from the list, it’s because many others adopted that soldier and they were removed to make room for others. If your package contents are generic enough, we strongly encourage you to adopt another soldier currently on the list.

The emailed information I received after I adopted a soldier didn’t have much information about them. How can I find out more?

Sorry, but all the information sent to you is all that was given to us.

The post office says that the address I have for my soldier is incorrect or incomplete and that they can’t mail it. Or I have had my package returned to me. What should I do?

Unfortunately, this may happen. Since the info you have is what is submitted to us by listeners, we have no way to verify it. Your best bet is to try and find another soldier on the list that would still enjoy the items you have and adopt them instead.

How should the address on the package be written?

Military addresses are unlike what we civilians use on a daily basis. It’s a jumble of abbreviations and numbers which can be pretty confusing. Hopefully the person who submitted your soldier has the address exactly how it should be written. But as a broad guideline, the person’s name goes on the first line (if it’s obvious to you what their rank is leave that off for security reasons), the address goes on the second line (all the information up to “APO or FPO”), the APO/AE and ZIP on the third line. For some guidelines from the United States Postal Service,CLICK HERE. Plus, see the example below:

Keith W. Johnson
4th BCT, ICD, F Troop, 9th Cavalry
APO AE 09348- 9443

I heard on another radio station that the post office is not mailing packages to our troops. Is that true?

Absolutely NOT! Unfortunately, some rumors have been spreading and it’s our service men and women who suffer. The postmaster of St. Louis assures us that she has heard NO order to stop packages to our soldiers unless they are addressed anonymously to “Any Soldier”. You will receive actual names and addresses with our program.

Can you help me with shipping?

WIL is providing this free service to bring Soldiers and our listeners together. You are responsible for the cost of shipping.

Are there any other helpful hints from the USPS?

Uh, yepper! Click here!